Welcome to GHOOD’s Business8 Accelerator

To help meet the economic challenges of our times, we are pleased to announce our new and improved Business8 Accelerator.

At Business8 Accelerator, we believe neighbourhood-based, small businesses deserve affordable access to the highest quality of expert support.

Business8 Accelerator

Are you a local small business that wants to grow, provides quality services to neighbours and aims to create meaningful jobs?

Business8 Accelerator is an ALL-INCLUSIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM.

What does this mean?

This means you no longer have to go to 8 different places to get the expert support you need to move your small business beyond surviving towards thriving.

Small business entrepreneurs often inject a ton of cash into their businesses and focus on increasing sales revenues without building the strong foundation needed for accelerated growth.

At Business8 Accelerator, we help you simultaneously GROW your revenues and STRENGTHEN your foundation in 8 areas.

Acceptance into our business accelerator affordably adds the following expertise to your team:


GHOOD’s Business8 Accelerator is unique. We don’t take a typical approach to strategic business planning. Small businesses are different than corporations. Black and white business plans and budget processes don’t work. Small businesses have to be able to adapt their strategy on the fly as each new opportunity presents itself.

At Business8 Accelerator, we adapt our support on the fly as well with our flexible and dynamic Strategic Acceleration Planning process.

Business8 Accelerator’s application process is a collaboration between a Business8 Consultant and the Business Owner to identify their support needs and priorities in each of the 8 areas. Acceptance into the accelerator is by mutual-agreement. Upon acceptance, Business8 assumes a support role and the business owner assumes total control over the quantity and type of support that they will receive from Business8 in the accelerator.

To ensure our support adapts quickly to your needs, we do not lock you into expensive long-term contracts or force you to use our support for a guaranteed number of hours. Our rate is $88.00/hour +GST, we bill by the minute and our collaboration ends when you want it to end.


Business8 Accelerator

Are you a local small business that wants to grow, provides quality services to neighbours and aims to create meaningful jobs?

GHOOD’s Neighbourhood Economic Development Model was first conceived by Tammy Maloney in 2012 as a solution to end youth homelessness. It was recognized by the Government of Canada in 2013 and featured in the report “Harnessing the Power of Social Finance: Canadians respond to the National Call for Concepts”

After the acquisition of a new auto service supplies company, I worked with Business8 to increase operational efficiency and to develop growth strategies. I was impressed by the high and broad level of expertise they brought to the table. As the owner of several small businesses, I can attest to how hard it is to find quality support all in one place at a price small business entrepreneurs can justify and afford. Business8 Accelerator will surely increase the success rate of businesses in our neighbourhood.

Jimmy the Wheel, Neighbourhood Entrepreneur

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