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Hi Everyone,

My name is Tammy Maloney.

I have been helping businesses achieve their full potential for over 30 years.

I created Business8 Accelerator using everything I have learned since I took the entrepreneurial risk to leave a successful oil and gas industry career and live the life of my dreams.

In 2006, I was inspired to leave my business analyst career behind in order to become a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship believes that businesses have the potential to move beyond simple job creation towards directly addressing our society’s complex issues. Finding the courage to take this risk led me to Barcelona, Spain where I obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the IESE Business School. I chose IESE because of its cutting-edge research in social entrepreneurship. In 2009, The Economist ranked it the #1 MBA program in the world.

Upon graduation, I joined the Clinton Foundation in Nigeria as Chief Operating Officer. Addressing child malnutrition was my focus, but it was the palpable feeling of community and the entrepreneurial youth I met that captured my heart.

This life-changing experience led me back to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 2010 where I began working with street youth to launch their own ventures and neighbourhood entrepreneurs to strengthen their small businesses.

The foundation for Business8 Accelerator is not only built on my extensive education and experience, but also on a decade of navigating the chaotic array of support and services for Alberta entrepreneurs.

Business8 Accelerator’s all-inclusive, affordable support system aims to prove that everyone with relentless determination, the courage to dream and a passion for living life to the fullest can be a successful entrepreneur.

Onwards and upwards!


Business8 Accelerator

Are you a local small business that wants to grow, provides quality services to neighbours and aims to create meaningful jobs?